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Pastor Suffragan Bishop William R Cue
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Congratulations!!! Jarius Byrd receives 2015 G J Harris Scholarship in honor of Sister Audrey Harris and the late Elder Gerald J Harris.
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Join us in Worship of our LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST __________ Sunday School 9:30AM  Worship 10:45AM __________ Monday Prayer and Free Computer Training for ADULTS 7:00PM __________ Wednesday Bible Study 7:00PM TUTORING available for Students  __________ ESMRC Food Pantry serving every 1st Saturday of each month __________ Contact us Phone: 803.275.5035 __________ The Church where JESUS is LORD and KING and YOU are HIS Chosen Vessel __________ Have YOU received the Holy Ghost since you believed? __________ Read ACTS 2:38 and find a church that embraces TRUTH in the WORD of GOD!  __________ New Horizons Community Development  available  Spring 2017!  A planned community for first time home buyers desiring to build eguity and move from low income rental housing to home ownership. ____________ 9 LOTS available in Edgefield County -- Beautifully Landscaped property management will be required.  Call 803.221.1023 for more info.
Register your K - 12 student below and consider making a donation of $25 per student.  Thank you for your prayers and support.